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Question 3 Part 1 Implementation plan for the BI software at SYSCO By implementing business intelligence software, SYSCO does not change their fundamental IT infrastructure like this was the case during the ERP implementation a few years ago. Nevertheless without a clear structured plan the project is very likely to fail and could cause a huge amount of cost. The project team around Twila Day should be aware of a successful linkage to the existing IT infrastructure, a possible resistance of units or users, the additional cost and the overall project scope. These issues will be addressed in the following section. Linking the BI software to the existing IT infrastructure SYSCO recognized early (in the 90s) that a decentralized IT structure does not provide the same advantages like a decentralized organisational structure. By implementing an ERP system they started bringing their processes on the same organisational wide level. Additionally they invested into a data warehouse where operational and financial data of all 100 operating companies that SYSCO owns are stored. Now not only the processes but also the data are consistent across the whole organisation. Business intelligence software is the logical next step unless ERP and DW cannot be used for future predictions which will become more and more important in the future. As SYSCO already has existing cooperation with the chosen BI software vendor Business Objectives, it has experience about the products and how it will work. The direct connection Primarily the BI software will take data out of the data warehouse which were before loaded into the warehouse from different sources via an ETL process. All the data have the same structure and can be used for dashboards, analysis or reports. A close cooperation between IT- staff responsible for the DW and the project team (consisting of Twila Day and her team and consultants of Business Objectives) is necessary. Secondly, data are extracted from other various sources within the company such as stand- alone databases. In a broad perspective every file stored on a single PC could be used for analysis. The data can be either send by employees to the analyst or collected by them through data mining. The former one provides for sure better results but it is also more complex and could take longer time. On the other side, every single user that creates data must be included
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into the implementation plan which could be too costly for SYSCO, due to the decentralized structure. Thirdly, BI software will also extract data and information from outside of the organisation. This process is called web mining and could give information about competitor`s performance
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Rough draft Question 3 - Question 3 Part 1 Implementation...

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