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Motivational Letter October 6, 2011 Dear Ireen, Since moving to the Netherlands in 2008, I have had to transition and adapt, leaving the safe nest of my parents after 18 years and venturing out into what some may call: “The Real World”. The distance, unfamiliarity and cultural shock made the move challenging. But without too much difficulty I quickly nestled myself in Maastricht, surrounding myself with close friends and signing a contract with a Dutch cycling team. I was forced to adjust quickly familiarizing myself with my new environment. Leading a double life, cyclist by day, spending hours on the bike in rain or shine and then a student by night, with my nose buried in the books. An almost incompatible combination led to a disciplined lifestyle that learned to value hard work and perseverance. Maybe I had overestimated the transition or underestimated myself but one thing that I will always take away from this experience is the importance of adaptability, passion and perseverance. It is this combination of characteristics that has molded me over the years and for
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