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Calvin Nguyen Professor Bohn Bus. 71 Chapter 10 7/21/11 Mitigation 1. The grocer has to do their best to lessen the claims towards the warehouse, say for example if the warehouse were to send them lemons instead of apples. After figuring out what you’re going to do with the lemons, you can mitigate for some kind of reimbursement, because the warehouse is at fault. 2. The first step is to make reasonable efforts to find another job, and after doing so, if you were offer a similar job, you would accept it. After doing so, you can mitigate and if your find innocent for the offense that caused you your job, you can be awarded with only one dollar. (Nominal Damages) 3. The article recommends applying the following steps for proof of finding another job: the date of each activity, the name and address of the prospective employer you contacted,
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Unformatted text preview: the position you applied for, the names of people you met, and the outcome. This information is very important in the case, and you must have the followings to show the efforts you’ve made. 4. It is very important to accept any job that is offered to you that fits your old position, in order to show your mitigation duties. 5. One exception that people do have to be entitled to no duty to mitigation as a wrongful termination claims is when you’re unable to work as a result of the employer’s action. Do keep in mind, they made it very difficult for people to fall in this category or else everyone would file a claim saying they are too stress out to work....
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