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Calvin Nguyen Professor Bohn 7/24/11 Contract Analysis 1. A. The company will pay the artist an Option Payment of twenty thousand dollars, and will also pay the artist fifty percent of the net receipts paid to company under any foreign license. B. Artist will not use the same name as contracted with the company, and artist can work with other artist recording as long as it does not interfere with anything under the contract. 2. It’s governed by and interpreted with the laws of the state of California. 3. A. No, Article 2 of the UCC is not a service contract. B. This contract is base on a service, the company will provide service to the artist and publicize and create an image for the artist. Only with the artist works and make music for the company. 4. A. Yes, the common law statute of frauds requires this contract to be in writing, and if the contract isn’t done or finished in 1 year it has to be in writing. B. Because parties can be fraudulently induced to enter into a contract, the contract can
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