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Calvin Nguyen Professor Bohn 7/14/11 Contracts 1. A. The two greatest contributors to contract disputes are failure to address all possible situations, whether deliberately or not; and uncertainty of the provision that’s included. B. Plain English often time is the best because there’s no misinterpretation towards contracts, rather than Legalese, where often in time it’s much more confusing and can be mislead. C. Over the legal effect of a letter, future disagreements can be avoided by stating whether it is binding or to further negotiations with letters of intent. 2. For most, most of the terms that UCC will imply into a contract for the sale of goods would most likely be confidentiality or outstanding payments to limit liabilities. 3. According to the article to be fair, a provision should be added stating that the agreement will be interpreted as if drafted by both parties equally.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In integration clause, it sets out the entire agreement between parties and that no oral representations or earlier versions of the contract apply. For future modification of the contract it’s best off to have all of your important interest in the final contract to make with ease. 5. Three different types of clauses relating to enforcement that should be included in a contract. First is the attorney fee clause, for which the attorney is rewarded if the contract says so after winning the case. Second is the integration clause that states the contracts terms and agreement for both parties for previous versions and modification can be done for future references; and lastly the arbitration clause bringing justice at a higher rate of speed and its higher paying outcome rather than litigation....
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