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Calvin Nguyen Professor Bohn Court Report 7/18/11 1. Parivash v. Burrios Construction was the name of the case, and the case number is 111CV193176 2. I attended the supreme court of San Jose, Ca on July 1, 2011 @ 9:15 am 3. The number of the department is 18, and Judge Williams J. Monahan was in charge of the case 4. Amy Rose is the attorney for Parivash of Squire Sanders Corp. Barrios Construction was the other party, and Angela Mariveles was the attorney for their corp. 5. Barrios Construction was contracted for a remodel of a white house, but instead of remodeling Barrios demolishes the entire building to the ground. Thus, the city came by and revoke the permit for the remodeling and told them they cannot reconstruct a new building in place of the old demolish white house. This case envolves both: breach of contract and torts, due to Burrios failure of consent from Parivash. Burrios did not exercise the legal duty of care and also breach the duty by not following the contract and furthermore demolish the building entirely. This case is related to operation of business
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