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7.4. 1. How many ways can 2 people be seated in a row of 5 chairs, 3 people, 4 people, 5 people? Ans: a) 2 people: P 5,2 =20 b) 3 people: P 5,3 =60; c) 4 people: P 5,4 =120; d) 5 people: P 5,5 =120 2. A computer store receives a shipment of 24 laser printers, including 5 that are defective. Three of these printers are selected to be displayed in the store. a) How many selections can be made? Ans: C 24,3 =2024 b) How many of these selections will contain no defective printers? Ans: C 19,3 =969 3. A jewelry store chain with 8 stores in Georgia, 12 in Florida, and 10 in Alabama is planning to close 10 of these stores. a) How many ways can this be done? Ans: C 30,10 = 30,045,015 b) The company decides to close 2 stores in Georgia, 5 in Florida, and 3 in Alabama. In how many ways can this be done? Ans: C 8,2 *C 12,5 *C 10,3 =2,661,120 4. Suppose that 6 female and 5 male applicants have been successfully screened for 5 positions. In how many ways can the following compositions be selected? A) 3 females and 2 males?
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