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HW Assignment 1 - practicing the lessons which my father...

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Danh Tran ESL 302 When we learn about something, we are required to spend a lot of time, and much effort. One more very important thing, we must dare to give a try. When I was a child, I was shy boy. One day, my father took my brother and me to the swimming pool to learn swim. He put us down into the water and taught us some swimming techniques. My brother learned them very quickly, he was happy
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Unformatted text preview: practicing the lessons which my father gave and he could swim one hour later. In my turn was coming, I began panic; I could not continue to swim, even though my father was encouraging me, but I still gave up. I confessed that I was frightening when I face to face with the water. I was lost because I did not dare a try....
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