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ECE 329 Homework 9 Due: Fri, July 15, 2011, 5PM 1. For each of the four plane TEM waves (in free space) described by a) E 1 =2cos( ωt - βz x V/m b) E 2 = E o cos( ωt - βz x - E o sin( ωt - βz y V/m c) H 3 =cos( ωt + βz + π 3 x +sin( ωt + βz - π 6 y A/m d) H 4 =cos( ωt - βx z +sin( ωt - βx y A/m: i. Determine the corresponding E and H ±eld phasors. ii. Determine the time-averaged Poynting vector S ,tha ti s ± S ²≡± E × H ² ,byu t i l i z ingth e phasor cross product ˜ E × ˜ H * appropriately. iii. Determine the time-averaged power that crosses a 1 m 2 area in the xy -plane from - z to + z by using the results of (ii). 2. We have on x =0 plane a pulse of sheet current J s ( t )=ˆ y 2 t rect ( t τ ) A/m, where τ =2 μ s. Regions adjacent to the current sheet are vacuum. a) Determine and plot E y ( x,t ) and H z ( x,t ) vs t for x
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