hw2 - % a driver script for our transmission line parameter...

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EE 295 - Homework 2 January 27, 2010 1 Readings 2 From the textbook (Bergen/Vittal) 2.1 Problem 3.8 2.2 Problem 3.10 2.3 Problem 3.15 2.4 Problem 3.21 2.5 Problem 4.8, 4.9, 4.10 2.6 Problem 4.27 3 Computer project (group problem) Complete design exercise D3.1. Specifically your program should consist of a MATLAB function that takes as inputs the following: 1. The diameter of the conductor(s) in cm 2. The number of conductors per phase ( n c ) 3. The distance between conductors (assume that all conductors in the bundle are equally spaced) in cm. 4. The distances between the phases of the conductor as a three element vector in cm. 5. Conductor resistances per km. 6. The length of the line (km). The following MATLAB script, or something similar, should be used to call your function.
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Unformatted text preview: % a driver script for our transmission line parameter calculator % Group members: % _____ 1 conductor_diam = 3.3; % cm n_conductors = 3; d_between_conductors = 10; % cm d_ab = 500; % cm d_bc = 500; % cm d_ca = 500; % cm conductor_res = 1e-6; Ohm/meter line_length = 200; % km [R,X,B] = tline_parameters(conductor_diam,n_conductors,. .. d_between_conductors,[d_ab d_bc d_ca],conductor_res); fprintf(The line resistance (R) is %g Ohms\n,R); fprintf(The line reactance (X) is %g Ohms reactive\n,X); fprintf(The line susceptance (B) is %g Mhos reactive\n,B); Remember that your function will need to have a rst line that looks something like: [R,X,B] = tline_parameters(conductor_diam,n_conductors,. .. d_between_conductors,[d_ab d_bc d_ca],conductor_res); 2...
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hw2 - % a driver script for our transmission line parameter...

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