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hw3 - one(b What options are available to you for this...

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EE 295 - Homework 3 February 18, 2010 1 Readings 2 From the textbook (Bergen/Vittal) 2.1 Problem 5.5 2.2 Problem 5.11 2.3 Problem 5.19 2.4 (Extra credit) Problem 5.20 3 Group problem Begin work on design exercise D4.1/D5.1. Specifically, do the following: 1. Discuss in your group the problem in detail. Develop a plan for solving the problem. Specifi- cally consider the following. (a) Exactly what are the design criteria? How will you know if a given solution is a good
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Unformatted text preview: one? (b) What options are available to you for this design? (c) Do you have enough data to solve the problem? (d) Do you need additional tools (e.g. software) to solve the problem? 2. Write a brief report (1-3 pages) describing a procedure for solving this problem. Make sure that you address each of the above issues in your procedure. 1...
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