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Exam 2 Study Guide- Chapter 10

Exam 2 Study Guide- Chapter 10 - Using MIS Chapter 10(pages...

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Using MIS Chapter 10 (pages 378-409) – Systems Development Lifecycle & related lectures You should understand the following topics: Purpose of each phase of the traditional SDLC and what major tasks are performed in each phase (heavily tested on exam) 1. System definition- a. define the goals, purpose and scope of the new IS b. Assess feasibility- cost, schedule, technical and organizational c. Form project team d. Plan project 2. Requirement Analysis- what does the solution need to meet- expensive and hardest to do right; determine and document the specific features and functions of the new system a. Analyze current system b. Determine complete, detailed requirements for new system c. Build logical models 3. Component design a. Identify Potential Solutions b. Evaluate Solutions c. Select Hardware and Software d. Develop Application Specifications d.i. Programs d.ii. Data Storage d.iii. Procedures 4. Implementation a. Purchase and install hardware and software b. Write program code for applications c. Test applications d.
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