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A New Company Brittnee Volk ACC/220 September 1, 2011 Savedra Scott Since starting my new position as manager of the accounting department, I will expect to see all different kinds of reports. I will be looking at company’s balance sheets, accounts receivable and payable, and income statements, these reports will help me get an idea on how the company is running, if anything needs to be changed, and ways to save money. I will look at the reports to see how the company processed its debts and credits and just where they stand financially to make sure that they match up to the balance sheets. Also, I will look at the past and present reports to see the different numbers for financial analysis. Being able to understand the
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Unformatted text preview: company’s financial goals will help me evaluate the reports correctly. I would use these reports to review and advise the company with future business decisions. I will also be able to advise other department managers where they stand financial and help them with making changes to the department to increase profits. I will help the auditing process to ensure that everything is accounted for and up to date. I would also take the time to go over the reports with my staff to ensure that they are doing everything correctly and understand the reports themselves. If they need help with anything I will provide the proper training so that they can do the best job possible....
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