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com wk 6 intro con - certain product puts pressure on a...

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Introduction When you think of a person having an eating disorder do you associate it with the media? There are more and more people who are developing eating disorders because of the way the media shows models and how thin they are. When you read a magazine, watch a movie, or even go shopping you will see these thin and fit men and women all over either acting in a movie or promoting a product. When a person sees this they are pressured to try and get that perfect body and will do whatever it takes to get it. Conclusion The way the media portrays models and their perfect bodies to get a person to buy a
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Unformatted text preview: certain product puts pressure on a person to look that perfect in that product as well. Also with that type of pressure more and more children are falling victim to eating disorders. The pressure that is on a person is leading them to go to the extreme to get that perfect body and is harming them both mentally and physically. There is no true way to stop the media but the person themselves has to look past the model and just at the product....
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