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com wk 9 c.s. check - the correct format. I would stay more...

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I would advise future students to follow the schedule in appendix A. The schedule is broke down so that each week you are doing a task to get you more prepared for the final paper and it makes it a little easier to complete. Also keeping up on assignments all together will help get you going on the final paper. Most of the assignments and checkpoints have something to do with the final paper so to be focused on them will get closer to finishing the paper. Pay close attention to detail on the assignment instructions. Make sure everything is answered and done in
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Unformatted text preview: the correct format. I would stay more focused on doing more research for my final paper topic. I did do a lot of research but I think I could have found more to get a little more information into the paper. I also would pay attention to the time. I would being working on finishing an assignment and then would look at the time and realize I only had a few minutes left or it was already past time to turn the assignment in. I will be making sure that all assignment are done and turned in before the due date and not wait till last minute to finish them....
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