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sci wk 2 con & pre

sci wk 2 con & pre - heat someone’s home Instead...

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Conservation is to use sparingly and preservation is to keep and maintain what is there. So basically if you have a field of trees and it was the last field left on earth you would have to decide if you want to slow use them for building and other products (conserve) or to not touch them and keep them in good health so that they produce more (preserve). I think it all depends on what the forests look like health wise. I think that if there are dead and dying trees in the area that it is okay to go in with a chainsaw and cut them down so that the new smaller trees have a chance to grow. These dying trees will look better if they can be used for something like building homes and furniture or if it’s really bad than it could be used to
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Unformatted text preview: heat someone’s home. Instead of leaving the trees on the ground to rot they could be cleaned up and make the land even more beautiful. In the video they said that they were attracted to the wilderness and that it looked untouched, untamed, undiscovered, except by a forunate few (Berg, 2008). With that being said yes land is naturally beautiful untouched but if new life can be made through taking out the old dying trees the land can be even more beautiful and it is giving the smaller trees buried under the larger trees a chance to grow....
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