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wk 4 pop. size - Most of the world calls the Nutria a coypu...

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Brittnee Volk SCI/125 Week 4 Population Size Four factors in population size that produce changes in population are because of the number of births and deaths and global scale. The United States population is affected as well as the local population because of the births and deaths that happen every day and even the incoming and outgoing of immigrants. In the video population size is affected by the factors that contain but are not restricted to when the Nutria were introduction, who are originally from South America. They were brought here for their fur and rapid reproduction in the 1930's than as the fur market decreased the overpopulation started. On an average of three years the female adult Nutria will have around 40 babies and in return those babies will start having babies of their own. The average adult Nutria weighs around 12 pound and can eat ¼ of their body weight in a day.
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Unformatted text preview: Most of the world calls the Nutria a coypu but in North America we call it Nutria. Once all the damage to the wetland has been done and the vegetation has been removed from the marsh, as a result from the Nutria over eating, the organic soils fragile and are exposed. If damaged areas do not vegetate very fast and will eventually become open water as the tide will wash the soil away and will lowers elevation. As the plant's root systems are also damaged the recovery time will take a lot longer. I believe that the Nutria will eventually move to other areas and damage that land as well. They will just keep moving until there is nothing left. After everything is gone they will either starve to death, try to move to other regions across water or even start adapting to their surroundings and eating different foods like maybe resorting to eating meat (other animals). +...
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