HW #2 - AP Biology Period 4 Nguyen, Liem 9/10/09 Homework...

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Nguyen, Liem 9/10/09 Instruction: Answer all the 10 assignments. Type all answers use Font (Times New Roman) size 12 and use MS WORD. Retain electronic files. Print a hardcopy and turn in by the due date. Each assignment limited to 20-50 words answer (with a bullet-point outline when necessary). For Diagrams (Concept Map), hand-drawn and/OR scan into WORD file. Rubrics: Each Homework Assignment: Total 20 points Extra Credit over 10 assignments: 2 points each, up to maximum 30 points Homework #2 (090911): Chapter 2 (due FRIDAY 090911 ) 1. Distinguish between an element and a compound. - compound: substance made of 2+ different elements mixed in ratio - element: make up matter, substance can’t be broken to other substances by chemical reactions (92 types) - compound differs from elements Organisms composed of matter, which is made of elements. Elements are substances unable to be broken into other substances by chemical reactions. Substance made of 2 or more different elements in fixed ratio is a compound. A compound has different characteristics of its elements. 2. Identify the four elements that make up 96% of living matter. - carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen - 25 of 92 essential in life - other 4% are phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, potassium, others Ninety-six percent of living matter is made of four of the ninety-two total elements. The elements are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. 3. Define the term trace element and give an example. - trace elements: required by organism in min. quantities - ex: iron need by all life, iodine essential for vertebrates A trace element is an element required by an organism in short quantities. Iron is a trace element, because it is need by all life. 4. Draw and label a simplified model of an atom. Explain how this model simplifies our understanding of atomic structure. - atom: smallest unit of matter in element
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HW #2 - AP Biology Period 4 Nguyen, Liem 9/10/09 Homework...

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