HW #21 - AP Biology Period 4 #22 Liem Nguyen 12/5/09...

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AP Biology Period – 4 #22 Liem Nguyen 12/5/09 Homework #21 (091211): Chapter 21 (due Friday 091211 ) Total points: 20 for Attempt on all questions No concept map Objectives From Single Cell to Multicellular Organism 1. List the animals used as models for developmental biology research and provide a rationale for their choice. Drosophilia melanogaster Caenorhabditis elegans Mus musculus Danio rerio Arabidopsis thaliana Five animals that were models for developmental biology research are listed above. They were chosen because they are small and have fast reproduction rates. 2. Distinguish between the patterns of morphogenesis in plants and in animals. Morphogenesis: creation of form In plants, morphogenesis determines which end of the plant will be the head while in animal embryos, it determines which side of the embryo will eventually become the head. Differential Gene Expression 3. Describe how genomic equivalence was determined for plants and animals. Genomic equivalence: they all have the same genes Totipotent: mature cells dedifferentiate and give rise to specialized cells of mature organisms Nuclear transplantation: the removal of the nucleus of an unfertilized egg or zygote Genomic equivalence says that the cells of an organism all have the same genes. Plants determine this if they were totipotent. Also, in animals, it was determined by nuclear transplantation. 4. Describe what kinds of changes occur to the genome during differentiation. Cell differentiation: process by which cells become specialized in structure or function Cell differentiation can cause embryonic cells to behave differently from before. In animal cells, something in the nucleus is changed while in plant cells, there are no irreversible changes in its DNA.
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5. Describe the general process by which the ewe Dolly and the first mice were cloned.
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HW #21 - AP Biology Period 4 #22 Liem Nguyen 12/5/09...

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