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AP Biology Period – 4 #22 Liem Nguyen 2/6/10 Homework #32 (090227): Chapter 32 (due Friday 090227 ) Total points: 40 for Attempt on all questions Concept Map: 10 Points Chapter 32: An Introduction to Animal Diversity Objectives What Is an Animal? 1. List the five characteristics that combine to define animals. heterotrophic structural protein: collagen muscle and nerve cells reproduction metamorphosis Animals are heterotrophic and use enzymes to digest their food after ingesting it. Animals, instead have having cell walls, are held together by structural proteins, mainly collagen. They have specialized forms of cells, nerve and muscle cells, which are responsible for movement and impulse conduction. During reproduction, a blastula forms, and many go through a larval stage and transform in metamorphosis. 2. Describe the role of Hox genes in animal development. DNA sequence of homeobox controls development controls expression of genes control cell division/differentiation Hox genes are a unique homeobox that plays an important role in the development of animal embryos, controlling the expression of dozens or even hundreds of other genes. They control cell division and differentiation, producing different morphological features of animals. The Origins of Animal Diversity 3. Describe the evidence that suggests animals may have first evolved about a billion years ago. animals diverged from fungi 1.5 billion years ago fossil evidence depicts calculations based on molecular clocks produce evidence common ancestor resembled modern choanoflagellates Fossil evidence found by scientists depicts that animals diverged from the ancestors of fungi about 1.5 billion years ago. Calculations based on molecular clocks also produce evidence. The common ancestor of animals could have resembled modern choanoflagellates.
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4. Explain the significance of the Cambrian explosion. Describe three hypotheses for the cause of the Cambrian explosion. animal diversification accelerated dramatically, 542-525 million years ago predator-prey relationships evolution of Hox gene complex rise in atmospheric oxygen The Cambrian explosion was when animal diversification accelerated dramatically about 542 to 525 million years ago. The three hypotheses include predator-prey relationships, the evolution of the Hox gene complex, and the rise in atmospheric oxygen. 5. Outline the major grades of the animal kingdom based on symmetry, embryonic germ layers, the presence or absence and type of coelom, and protostome or deuterostome development.
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HW #32 - AP Biology Period 4#22 Liem Nguyen...

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