429mts06 - Name SID HADM 429 MIDTERM SPRING 2006 Ok folks...

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Name: SID: HA DM 429 M IDTERM S PRING 2006: M ARCH 16, 2006 Ok folks. Midterm time. Here are the rules: 1. You will have exactly 3 hours for this exam. Any failure to turn in your response IMMEDIATELY when instructed to at the conclusion of the exam will result in a PENALTY. Please take care to use your time wisely as some questions are lengthier than others. When asked for short answer responses— be concise . Use of bullet points will suffice; you need not present answers in a full essay format. 2. The exam has 7 sections. All Sections except the Bonus are worth the same amount: 30 pts each. Bonus is worth 20. 3. Please make all responses in your whitebooks; turn in your whitebooks only but you MUST have your 8.5x11 crib sheet and exam paper verified by your proctor (and it noted on your whitebook) when you have completed. Make sure your name is on everything you turn in. Only responses in your whitebooks will be considered. 4. One-side of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper is all the outside help you will be afforded. The use of spreadsheet applications, additional outside assistance or materials of any kind, including that of another student, is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with as a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. Penalties may include failure in this class and expulsion. Your participation in this exercise and any grade granted for it presupposes and is conditional on your acceptance of and adherence to the above conditions.
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P ART I: F UN R EADING (6 P TS E A /30 P TS TOTAL ) I would write an examination where any person can find meaning in any article. One of our important goals is to always connect that which we learn in class to the goings- on of the real world. Toward that end, let’s address some questions regarding our Fun Readings. a) Dr. Tien as well as a number of our articles discussed the impact of rising interest rates. List and discuss three ways in which an upward-shifting yield curve affects the economy. b) The present shape of the Treasury yield curve is downward-sloping. Discuss two things that this may signify and why. c) ETFs are a new set of investment products that have been gaining a lot of momentum lately. Describe what they are and two advantages that they present to investors. d) Describe three behavioral biases exhibited by investors and how they may adversely affect trading profits. e)
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429mts06 - Name SID HADM 429 MIDTERM SPRING 2006 Ok folks...

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