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Biotech - Imagine cloning a celebrity like Brad Pitt or a...

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Imagine cloning a celebrity like Brad Pitt or a historical leader like John F. Kennedy or even cloning yourself to do many things at once and be at different places at the same time. Producing clones would create a non-diverse society where everyone looks exactly alike. Cloning is a controversial topic in which some scientific leaders say it can benefit our society but the public says it is inappropriate. We have been able to clone many things from plants to vegetables to even animals; hopefully someday we will be able to clone the human race. Scientists have expressed their desire to be the first to clone human beings but they have forgotten the moral and religious issues on hand. With too many risks and not enough benefits, cloning should be banned. Cloning something basically creates a duplicate with no flaws and because perfection does not exist the clone would be a disappointment. Vegetables and plants have been cloned by scientists for a while not but cloning humans and animals is not as easy. Many fail to recognize that differences do exist in reproductive
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