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Final Paper Rough Draft 1 Compare/Contrast Kassandra Ogles Eng 125 David Makhanlall Sept 26, 2011
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2 No matter what type of story we are reading there is always something to be found if you look a little deeper. The writer is able to bring readers in with the use of rhythm, characterization, or setting, among many other things throughout their writing. It is imagination that allows us, the readers of these stories and poems, to be able to fill in the blanks or mentally visualize what the writer wants us to see through use of descriptive words or symbolism. In the the story “Used To Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys and the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, I recognized a similar theme; It doesn’t matter what we are doing in life or where our journey is taking us, everyone has the opportunity to choose their own destiny. The theme in each of these works is much the same, but it is presented in very different ways. In “I Used To Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys, this woman in the story was in this journey alone. The author in this story explains of a woman who is alone and reflecting on her life. In each piece of literary writing being discussed in this paper, the loneliness throughout the journey is clear. However, the ending to the journeys vary because of the choices the characters make.“The Road Not Taken”, Frost used “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” which told me that he was on a journey; he also used “and sorry I could not travel both” as a way to tell the audience that he had to make the decision of which path to take. The author did not speak of anyone traveling with the subject, which lead me to the conclusion that he was traveling alone. From beginning to end, Jean Rhys used symbolism to illustrate and to explain the meaning of things. The character stood by the river, which we know from our from our text (Clugston,2010) is symbolic of life. She did not walk into the river, she stood by it. This symbolism is symbolic of the entire story itself, since at the very end of the story we
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ENG 125 Final Draft - Final Paper Rough Draft 1...

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