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Issues of Childhood Obesity- paper

Issues of Childhood Obesity- paper - Childhood Obesity 2...

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Childhood Obesity 2 Issues of Childhood Obesity Kassandra Ogles Eng 122 Shelly Lawyer 26 April 2011 The topic I have chosen is addressing the issue of childhood obesity. This is a topic close to my heart because all throughout my childhood I was severely over weight. From the time when I was about ten up into my early twenties I struggled with my weight. Now I have it under control and it is my mission in life to make sure my child never has to endure the misery that I did being overweight. I am looking forward to doing research on this topic. My narrowed topic is going to be focusing on the cause and consequences of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States. Every year more and more children are becoming over weight. There are many causes and contributing factors to this epidemic including genetic and behavioral and environmental factors. There is not just one factor that can cause childhood obesity; they usually play off of each other. Things such as a
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Unformatted text preview: Childhood Obesity 2 high calorie diet combined with a low physical activity level or children with parents that have bad eating habits are more likely to suffer from child hood obesity. There also many consequences from being coming so over weight at such an early age. Not only do overweight children tend to be overweight adults but we are starting to see some serious health issues in overweigh children. Some of the issues that we are seeing in children are cardiovascular diseases, asthma, sleep apnea, and type two diabetes…just to name a few. There are also psychological risks because children who are overweight are more likely to be bullied and targeted for emotional abuse. Overweight children are even more likely to commit suicide then children who are not over weight. Childhood obesity is a disease that can be cure with knowledge. If more people were aware of the dangers of allowing a child to become morbidly obese, then America would see less of this epidemic....
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