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kassi week 2 question 2 psy 202

kassi week 2 question 2 psy 202 - bias you should also look...

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I think before you can decide if an online source is credible you have to first and for most take a look at what site you are on. You should always question the author’s motives, and even who the author is. Is he Bias? Is he educated? Those are just two of the many questions I have. Sites that end in “edu”, “gov” or “mi”l are probably going to some of the more reliable sites. “Edu” is used by education officials and “gov” is only used by government officials. “mil “ is used only by the military so all in all I would consider those safe. I think some of the most unsafe recourses that you could use would be personal blogs. In addition to wondering just who the author is or if he is
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Unformatted text preview: bias you should also look around on the website. Are there misspellings or grammatical errors? If so, it is probably not a good source. I will use the Ashford online library to assist me in research. I don’t see how I could find a more credible source then from our own schools library. I think it will help me in my writing because I have a world of info that is just a mouse click away and if it is from the Ashford library it doesn’t seem like I would have to spend as much time worrying about a credible source and I can spend more time on focusing on my paper....
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