5762 Addendum to Syllabus Summer 2011 Web post-2

5762 Addendum to Syllabus Summer 2011 Web post-2 -...

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NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY  H. Wayne Huizenga School  of Business and Entrepreneurship Masters Programs Master of Accounting and Master of Taxation Programs  Addendum to Syllabus A. COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE TXX 5762 Web – Corporate and Partnership Taxation B. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of federal income taxation of corporations and partnerships, and provides a brief overview of estate, trust, and gift taxation. The course covers concepts of taxation of corporations and partnerships that are relevant to the decision- making process of the professional business manager and tax practitioner. Subject matter will include tax consequences of corporate formation, nonliquidating and liquidating distributions, redemptions, S corporation qualification, revocation and termination of S status, tax consequences of partnership formation, operation, and nonliquidating and liquidating distributions. This is a problem oriented survey course. C. TEXTBOOK See Syllabus posted on Blackboard and the HS Portal Textbooks may be purchased from the NSU Bookstore by calling 1-800-509-2665 or  online at www.nsubooks.bkstore.com.  D. CHAT DATES – Chats are scheduled for the following evenings:  Tuesdays 7/19, 8/2, 8/16, 8/30, and 9/6 Chats for TXX 5762 Web are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 
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approximately 8:15 p.m.  Please check the Announcement Page on Blackboard for this course often - and  prior to each scheduled Chat - to see if there have been any changes to  scheduled Chat times.   All references in this Addendum to Syllabus and in all   other course materials, are to Florida (Eastern Daylight Savings) time. COURSE ACTIVITIES TO MEET OBJECTIVES DISCUSSION BOARD AND CHAT PARTICIPATION  Each student is expected to participate in discussions of the assigned chapters and  problems. Participation is expected during both scheduled Chats and in discussions on  the Discussion Board. You must have a microphone so that you may fully and effectively  participate in the Chats.   It is the student’s responsibility to have completed the reading and any problem  preparation for chats prior to the Chat during which the assigned chapters and problems  are scheduled to be discussed.  EXAMS ONE, TWO, AND THREE   There will be three exams.  Exam One is scheduled to be available the day after Chat  Two, Exam Two is scheduled to be available the day after Chat Four, and Exam Three is  scheduled to be available the day after Chat Five.  Information regarding how to access and submit each of the three exams will be  available under the appropriate link on the Assignment page of the course on  Blackboard.  The link will be visible to students approximately one week before the 
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5762 Addendum to Syllabus Summer 2011 Web post-2 -...

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