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wk 3 war 2 - The Changing Nature of The War What is...

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Unformatted text preview: The Changing Nature of The War What is security? What What do people need to feel secure? Safety, Shelter, Food What does security mean at the What int level? No higher authority – war determines No victor & vanguished Security is the raison d’ etat of the Security raison state War: Ultima Ratio, the final argument War: Ultima of Kings (Cardinal Richelieu, 15851642) Traditional Wars Traditional Inter-state war: securing state Inter against threats from other state Limited warfare: 1648-1914 Limited Total warfare: Napoleonic Wars, Total WWI, WWII Cold War Cold Cold War between superpowers: Cold avoided open conflict (Cuban Missile Crisis 1962) Limited warfare: Proxy conflicts (hot Limited wars) in the ‘Third World’ End of Cold War End Changing nature of conflict? Intra-State Wars; Dominant Intra form of Conflict 1945/1991-2003 The (In)Security of states leads to The ‘failed’ or ‘orphan’ states 1. 2. 3. Somalia (1992-1993) Rwandan Genocide (1994) Sudan; Darfur (2003-) Number and Types of Conflict Number 1946-2002 Defining security Defining Security is ‘the pursuit of freedom from threat…in the context of the international system, security is about the ability of states and societies to maintain their independent identity and their functional integrity (Buzan, 1991: 18) Reference Reference Stanley Kubrick, 1964, Dr Strangelove: Or Stanley Dr How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Columbia Pictures. Scene 8 “The War Room”. ...
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