wk 7 UN and peace keeping operations

wk 7 UN and peace keeping operations - The United Nations...

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Unformatted text preview: The United Nations The And peacekeeping operations What is UN Peacekeeping? What • Not in the UN charter – Chapter 6 ½ • Devised to respond to inter-state conflicts where the UNSC could not act • 1948-1988: 15 Peacekeeping forces est Peacekeeping during the Cold War Peacekeeping • • • Preventative diplomacy Example of limited force: UNEF in Suez Canal (1956-67), Establishes rules of engagement 1. 2. 3. 4. • Supervise ceasefires; Consent of the host before deployment; Only force for self-defence; UN to remain impartial Example of (limited) force: ONUC in Congo (196064) 1990s: Rise of humanitarian 1990s: intervention • Moral pressure for international community to intervene in conflicts • Defined as “the threat or use of armed force by a state, a belligerent community, or an international organization, with the object of protecting human rights” (Brownlie 1974: 217) – Not merely humanitarian assistance Peace Operations in the Post-cold Peace War Period • More peacekeeping since 1988 than UN’s first 40 years (48 operations) • Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) more complex • Didn’t meet rules of engagement – Failures in Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia United Nation PKOs United • By mid-1990s UN overstretched • Regional organisations assume role in peace operations (chapter VIII) • Envisaged a capability-legitimacy relationship • Unclear how reg orgs relate to UN 2001, The Responsibility to Protect 2001, (R2P) • Details criteria for HI 1. 2. 3. 4. • Just Cause threshold Precautionary Principles Right authority Operational Principles Endorsed at UN World Summit 2005 – Enacted? Imperfect Int Community Imperfect response system Strengthened and weakened int law ...
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