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Unformatted text preview: Theoretical Lenses Theoretical Marxism Marxism Highlights Marxism 1. 2. 3. 4. Material Determination Historical Determinism Class as Actors in politics (int and domestic) Conflict inevitable: either War or Revolution (expounded by NeoMarxists) Marxism; Revolutionism, Radical Marxism; Politics Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto, Marx Communist 1848 Opposed impact of capitalist economic Opposed system & late industrial revolution Call to action for proletarian revolution Call Marx’s central argument Marx 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Human Nature: Human motivations shaped by material environment Society organised to produce economic necessities This conditions political activity AND individual consciousness Nexus between politics and economics = economic forces dominate politics Dominance expressed through historically specific mode of production Marx’s Central Argument Marx 6. History marked by epochal changes in the mode of production (feudal to capitalist) 7. Marx defines the ‘laws of motion’ of the capitalist mode of production 8. Class Structure: Owners Vs Workers Marx’s Central Argument Marx 9. Relationship based on alienation and exploitation 10. Crisis, breakdown and revolution part of mode of production 11. Increasing inequality lead to revolution = new mode of production. Role of the State in Marxist Role theory State power is an instrument of class domination How explain conflict in IR? How Marx did not explicitly deal Marx with int system Lenin, Imperialism ‘Highest Lenin, stage of Capitalism’ Imperialism leads to war Imperialism Marxism & IR Marxism Challenges Realism’s ignorance of economics Challenges except as underpinning state’s military strength Challenges Classical Liberalism progress = peace Challenges & prosperity Inherent inequalities between haves and haveInherent nots Agenda for action Agenda ...
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