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Unformatted text preview: Theoretical Lenses Theoretical ► NeoMarxism NeoMarxism Highlights NeoMarxism ► Distinguished by interpretations of Marxian thought ► Apply Marxian analysis to different contexts ► Locus of Inequality based on: ► 1) state-state (Engels) ► 2) class-class (Marx) ► We will analyse 1) then 2) 1) NeoMarxists as Dependency 1) Theorists ►Imperialism exploits weak nations ►But does not = capital development in Less Developed Countries (LDCs) ►Int system entrenches class/nation exploitation 1) Dependency theorists 1) Gunder Frank, The Development of The Underdevelopment, 1966 ► Andre Argued that states are metropoles or satellites Argued Underdevelopment manifestation of capitalism Underdevelopment Wallerstein, The Modern World The System, 3 Vols, 1974-89. ► Immanuel World Systems Theory: States divided into World Core, Periphery and Semi-periphery 2) NeoMarxist: Antonio Gramsci 2) (1891-1937) ►Prison Notebooks, 1971. ►Hegemony: complex & concealed modes of class domination ►Argued that in domestic politics elites ruled via a hegemonic bloc (state/civil society) 2) NeoMarxist: Robert Cox 2) ►Robert Cox, Production, Power, and Production, World Order: Social Forces in the Making of History, 1987. ►Int system ruled by transnational hegemonic bloc ►Transnational capitalist class advocate globalisation 2) NeoMarxist: Robert Cox 2) ►Hegemonic bloc: rules by consensus then coercion ►Opposed by Counterhegemonic forces Strengths of Marxism Strengths ► Questions the benefits of capitalism ► Challenges assumptions about how economics & politics linked ► Provides a framework for political action/protest Weaknesses of Marxism Weaknesses ► Ignores other forms of oppression: race, gender and ethnicity ► Ignores other issues relevant to IR ► Resilience of capitalist system ► Eurocentric vision of the world, universal moral consensus ...
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