wk 13 money and debt pt 2

wk 13 money and debt pt 2 - World Politics Money, Debt and...

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Unformatted text preview: World Politics Money, Debt and National Development pt 2 The 1980s Debt Crisis The 1980s Debt Crisis 1970s: Cheap petro­dollars lent to developing countries 1981 Four­fold rise in US interest rates causes developing country debt crisis 1980s the “Lost Decade” of Development IMF begins long term conditional lending 1990s­2000s Financial 1990s­2000s Financial Liberalisation = “Casino Capitalism”? Financial liberalisation led to innovative ways for more people to make money States have greater access to finance & wealth Many developing countries have not benefited from financial liberalisation (Walter 2005: 146) Industrialised states have benefited from financial liberalisation until now… Increasingly volatile international financial system End of the Course End of the Course Course provided you with the following: Theoretical lens through which to see the world Understanding of the dynamics of world politics Analyse events and issues within IR Hope you explore these issues further Good luck on the exam!!! Courses on Offer in Government Courses on Offer in Government GOVT2116Australian Foreign and Defence Policy GOVT2221Politics of International Economic Rels GOVT2225International Security in 21st Century GOVT2226International Organisations GOVT2552Policy Analysis GOVT2557Public Sector Management GOVT2611Capitalism and Democracy in East Asia GOVT2991Political Analysis GOVT3993Power GOVT2111Human Rights and Australian Politics GOVT2114The Australian Political Party System GOVT2119Southeast Asia: Dilemmas of Development GOVT2331Social Change and Politics GOVT2440Globalisation and National Governance GOVT2445American Politics and Foreign Policy GOVT2558Government, Business and Society GOVT2801Applied International Studies GOVT2802International Studies Practicum Consider studying Honours in Government! ...
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