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Chapter 2 – Forms: Form Transparency - Nonrectangular Forms Chapter 5 - Drawing Basics Drawing to the Screen Drawing to the screen CreateGraphics is used for measurements, do not draw with it Handle all painting in Paint handler, so OS paint requests are handled Don't call Paint, call Invalidate Enumerations GetNames GetValues Parse Colors Color struct FromArgb, FromKnownColor, FromName, ToArgb, ToKnownColor static fields for colors with names: Blue, Green, etc. KnownColor enum names of colors: Blue, Green, etc. names system colors: ActiveCaption, ActiveBorder, etc. SystemColors sealed class static colors for system colors don't dispose them ColorTranslator class FromHtml, ToHtml Brushes SolidBrush TextureBrush HatchBrush, HatchStyle LinearGradientBrush PathGradientBrush Pens Pen sealed class IDisposable width 0 Pen(brush), Pen(color), Pen(color, width) Pen.Blue, SystemPens Custom Pan pen.DashStyle = DashStyle.Custom pen.DashPattern = new float [] { 1f, 1f, 1f, 2f, 1f, 3f, 1f, 4f, 1f } values are in widths of the pen Compound Pen pen.CompoundArray = new float [] { 0.0f, 0.25f, 0.45f, 0.55f, 0.75f, 1f } values are percentages of the width of the pen Pen Alignment
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only center and inset are supported compound pens only support inset Shapes Draw methods use a pen Fill methods use a brush Restore graphics Closed Paths Disable Validating Manual Location for Initial Position Paths StartFigure CloseFigure Fill Modes and Winding number Images Loading and Drawing Images: scale, clip, skew Rotating and flipping drawn images Changing color in drawn images Transparent color is usually in lower left corner
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