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NANO TECHNOLOGY; its BIOLOGICAL and MEDICINAL APPLICATIONS Name: Oscar Correa Signature:__ Oscar Correa _ Panther Id: 1730104 .
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I. Introduction One nanometer is a billionth of a meter, about the width of 3 atoms. An average piece of hair is 25,000 nanometers wide. Nanotechnology is based on the concept of creating systems and equipment at the molecular level. Having equipment and systems the size of atoms makes its applications limitless. Making equipment at a microscopic level is a daunting feat, however, the existence of nanotechnology in nature, like protein enzymes, shows us it is possible. Begging from the bottom up, scientists begin with engineering the building blocks; nano rings, cages and tubes are all examples that exist in nature and are a basic starting point for further development. Applications of nanotechnology in the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of disease are collectively referred to as “nanomedicine” a. Background i. Engineering materials on this scale allows for novel medical therapies such as designing nanoparticle-based drugs that target cells with improved specificity, resulting in decreased side effects for patients. ii.
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