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cubedroot - if a == theoret disp'The cube root is...

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function [x] = cubedroot(a,b) %In this situation, a is your starting guess, and b is the number wanting to %be cube-rooted. For example, if you wanted the cube root of 27, b = 27, %and a first guess could be equal to, let's say, 2. theoret=nthroot(b,3); %This is for the case when your guess "a" is equal to the cube root.
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Unformatted text preview: if a == theoret disp('The cube root is:'); disp(a) %This is for the case when your guess "a" is not equal to the cube root. else while (abs(a - theoret)/theoret) > (10^-8); a = (1/3)*(2*a + b/a^2); disp(a) end end end...
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