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UPDATED_Bacc-MD_100_B,C,D_Rotation_Info_Form_ - Location...

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BACC/MD MDA 100 B, C, D STUDENT INFORMATION FORM Name: _______________________________________ SID# _____________________ Class Year: __________________________ Cell Phone: __________________________ Email address: ________________________ Type of rotation: ____ Education ____ Clinical ____ Research MDA 100: B C D (circle one) Faculty Advisor or P.I. (Principle Investigator) Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Please provide a brief description of rotation below: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Location: _______________________________________________________________ Hours: __________________________________________________________________ Reminders: 1. Be sure to start your Clinic Clearance process AT LEAST ONE semester in advance. 2. Minimum of 25 hours is required per rotation. Please keep a tally of your hours. If you are having trouble completing your required hours, let us know. 3. Each student must submit a 4-5-page minimum description of your experience which is due at the end of the semester; on the last day of class. A brief presentation is required as well (as a group or individual.) If there are any problems contact Gina Camello ( [email protected] ) or Dr. Geller ( [email protected] )....
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