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Requesting a Letter of Recommendation Are you planning on going to a graduate school or professional school after you graduate? Are you applying for a special program for which you will need a letter of recommendation? Do you know who you are going to ask for your letters? Most people will need to request a formal recommendation at some point in their college career. Start now to cultivate strong relationships with people who can help you. These tips can help guide you through the process of soliciting recommendations. Starting a relationship Talk with your research mentor or a professor in whose class you have done well and left a good impression. If you haven’t yet built a relationship with this teacher, talk with him or her either after class or during office hours. This professor should be from a class relevant to your specific goals. Discuss your career aspirations and ask for advice or insights. After the course is completed, maintain your relationship by stopping by to talk when it is convenient for the professor. Do all this before you need a letter of recommendation. Selecting a recommender The professor you choose should know you relatively well. He or she needs to be able to speak about you both personally and academically. In some, but not all, cases the official rank (lecturer, assistant professor, professor, etc.) will matter. More often, it is more important that the
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HowtoGetaGoodLetterofRecommendation - Requesting a Letter...

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