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reli ta syllabus 10

reli ta syllabus 10 - The World of the New Testament REL...

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The World of the New Testament REL 121, Fall 2010 Discussion Section Friday 10:00-10:50; GFS107 [60026R] Friday 11:00-11:50; GFS 107 [60027R] TA: Dina Boero Email: [email protected] Office and Mailbox: Religion Department, ACB 126 Office Hours: Friday 12:00-1:30 & by appointment. Please email beforehand if you plan to come to my office hours so that I make sure I am there! This discussion section is designed to complement the course materials for REL 121. Our meetings are an opportunity to openly discuss and further your understanding of the material. All students are expected to come to discussion prepared with the readings done, the proper reading materials in hand, and a readiness to participate in discussion. Policies: You are expected to participate each week in discussion. Be prepared to talk about the reading materials and lectures during discussion. Bring relevant texts to discussion. Any incident of academic dishonesty will result in a grade of “F” for the course. Review the relevant guidelines in the Student Handbook .
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