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Brittany Jenkins ETH/125 Journal Entry October 23, 2011 Cuban Americans Dear Journal, I am so tired of living on this island they call Cuba. I am thinking about fleeing to the United States to live a better life with my family. The economy is terrible here. Neither I nor my husband can get a job to support our family. I want to live in a land where there are fewer restrictions and more opportunities. My mother and my two sisters have already traveled to the United States and I want to join them. Dear Journal, It is a hot and humid day and we are running low on food. We only have a couple of vegetables and a few pieces of meat left. I am cooking dinner for tonight right now. My husband is out trying to trade tobacco for more food. Hopefully he comes back with something that will last us for a week until we decide to transport to the United States. Dear Journal, I know I haven’t been writing in you for a while but I have been so busy. I now have some exciting news today! We leaving by boat to the United States tomorrow morning I am so excited!
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