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Class Notes 10-29 - o Genetic variation is greater within...

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Race and Ethnic Relations Race Biological characteristics defined as meaningful by society o Skin color, hair texture, facial features, body shape, and size. o Theories of skin color Humans living in hot climates developed darker skin to protect against the sun. Humans in areas with less sun developed lighter skin to allow greater absorption of vitamin D. Race= a social construction Racial categories are based more on social definitions than on biological differences. o No scientific evidence of inborn personality or character differences by race. o No genetic evidence of intelligence differences by race. The DNA sequence that controls racial phenotype is independent of the one that affects intelligence. o Racial distinctions are graded, not abrupt.
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Unformatted text preview: o Genetic variation is greater within racial groups than between racial groups. o Different societies construct different systems of racial classification. o Racial classifications change over time. Ethnicity Cultural differences due to a shared cultural heritage or nationality o Language, customs, food, music and dance, religion US Census Non-hispanic White 2008-65.6% 2050-46% Hispanic 2008-15% 2050-30% Black 2008-12.8% 2050-15% Asian 2008-4.5% 2050-9.2% Fastest growing racial group in the US Asian Americans Are of different cultures, religions, and languages INEQUALITIES Majority group Segment of the population who dominates o Economically o Politically o Culturally o...
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Class Notes 10-29 - o Genetic variation is greater within...

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