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Class Notes from 10-27

Class Notes from 10-27 - 60 mil people in Us who are...

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60+ mil people in Us who are uninsured Percentage of persons without health insurance US Jan-Mar 2010 The uninsured rates are even greater than as indicated Most people have private coverage ** Adults are more likely to be insured than children American Access to health insurance 16.7% lacked health insurance** Over 60 million who are underinsured Over 100 million Americans without adequate health insurance** Uninsured by state Texas: 28% uninsured States with the highest uninsured…Texas is highest at 28%. Characteristics of the Uninsured (2008) Young adults (19-20)—highest % uninsured (30%) Uninsured by race/ethnicity o Hispanic 30.7% (14.6 million) o American Indian 31.7% o These are the two highest. 80% are in working families. 2/3 poor or near poor Adults are more likely than children to be uninsured Reasons for Uninsured Many lack adequate coverage because: o Small companies cannot afford costs of health care for their employees o Personal health insurance very expensive
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