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July 2001 CAAP 42M-2(0) Reliability Programs References Regulations 42L and 42M of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988) Regulation 132 of CAR 1988 Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 20.7.1B Who this CAAP applies to Certificate of Registration holders Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) holders Maintenance Controllers Approved Maintenance Organisations Why this publication was written This CAAP provides information and guidance material that may be used to design, develop and manage reliability programs. It expresses practices that are acceptable to the Authority with regard to maintenance program management utilising reliability methods. Status of this CAAP This is the first CAAP to be written on this subject. For further information Contact CASA Office nearest to you. Civil Aviation Advisory Publication July 2001 This publication is only advisory but it gives the CASA preferred method for complying with the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988). It is not the only method, but experience has shown that if you follow this method you will comply with CAR 1988. Always read this advice in conjunction with the appropriate regulations. Contents . .. 1. Introduction 2 2. Who is required to have a reliability program 2 3. Engineering judgement 3 4. Reliability program document 3 5. Reliability program elements 4 6. Pooling arrangements 14 7. Contracted reliability program 15
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2 CAAP 42M-2(0): Reliability programs July 2001 1.1 The overall maintenance program development process has two distinct processes within it. The initial maintenance program development (baseline) is the actual preparation of the aircraft maintenance specifications, and the reliability analysis (living process) collects data associated with the aircraft operating on the maintenance program. This process then measures the effectiveness of those maintenance tasks by alerting to systems, components and structures whose performance digresses from their expected levels. 1.2 A reliability program has two basic functions. Firstly, by means of the statistical reliability element, to provide a summary of aircraft fleet reliability and thus reflect the effectiveness of the way in which maintenance is being done. Secondly, to provide significant and timely technical information by which improvement of reliability may be achieved through changes to the program or to the practices for implementing it. Actions resulting from a reliability program may be to escalate or de-escalate, delete or add maintenance tasks, as necessary. This amendment will involve the approval of the Authority unless the operator has been approved to amend the maintenance program without direct involvement of the Authority. In simpler words, a reliability program enhances safety of flight operation and optimises maintenance costs. 2.1
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42m_2 - CAAP 42M-2(0 Civil Aviation Advisory Publication...

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