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Unformatted text preview: -1-CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY — AUSTRALIACIVIL AVIATIONADVISORY PUBLICATIONDate: 1 March 1992No: 42ZV-1(0)SUBJECT: MAINTENANCE CONTROL MANUALIMPORTANTThis publication describes the preferredmethod of complying with the directionsgiven under Regulation 42ZV of theCARs for the control of aircraft mainte-nance, to the operator of aircraft usedfor regular public transport operations .The information in this publication is ad-visory only. The Civil Aviation Regula-tions set out the legal requirements thatmust be complied with in relation to thesubject matter of this publication. Theremay be a number of ways of ensuringthat the requirements of the CARs aremet. This publication sets out themethod that is preferred and which ex-perience has shown should, in the ma-jority of cases, ensure compliance withthe regulations. However, before usingthe information in this publication theuser should always read the CARs listedin the reference section below to ensurecompliance with the legal obligations ofthe CARs.PURPOSERegulation 42ZV of the CARs requirethe certificate of registration holder of aclass A aircraft to employ a person tocontrol the maintenance of the aircraft(Maintenance Controller) and to producea manual (Maintenance Control Manual)describing how that control is to be ef-fected. The manual and the mainte-nance controller are to be acceptable tothe Authority. This publication describesthe contents of the Maintenance ControlManual and the requirements to be metby the applicant for the position ofmaintenance controller.STATUSThis is the first issue of CAAP 42ZV-1,and will remain current until withdrawn orsuperseded.REFERENCESThis publication should be read in con-junction with Civil Aviation Regulation42ZV....
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