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July 2000 CAAP 54-1(2) Flight manuals for individual aircraft The relevant regulations and other references Regulations 2(1), 54, 55, 138, 139, 322 and 323 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988) Who this CAAP applies to Holders of the Certificate of Registration (CoR) for an Australian aircraft Industry persons who are authorised to issue Certificates of Airworthiness (CoAs) Industry persons who are authorised to approve flight manual information Why this CAAP was written The Authority has issued revised legislation for ensuring that the information required for the safe operation of the aircraft is provided in the aircraft to the operating crew. This CAAP was written to assist all involved to understand the new rules governing the required flight manuals, placards or other documents. Also, this CAAP provides guidance on the information required and the sources of that information. Status of this CAAP This is the third issue of this CAAP on the subject of Aircraft Flight Manuals (AFMs). This CAAP provides interim guidance pending the implementation of CASRs Parts 43 and 91. This CAAP will be cancelled when ACs in the 43 and 91 series are published. For further information Contact the CASA Office closest to you. Civil Aviation Advisory Publication July 2000 This publication is only advisory but it gives the CASA preferred method for complying with the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988). It is not the only method, but experience has shown that if you follow this method you will comply with CAR 1988. Always read this advice in conjunction with the appropriate regulations. Contents — see next page
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2 CAAP 54-1(2): Flight manuals for individual aircraft July 2000 Contents 1. Background 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 What is the Authority’s policy in relation to flight manuals? 3 1.3 What are the CoR holder’s responsibilities? 4 1.4 How does the Authority administer AFMs under the new rules? 5 2. Process 6 2.1 What is the process for a CoR holder to follow? 6 2.2 What if an AFM is not required? 8 2.3 Whose responsibility is it to keep the AFM or placards up to date? 8 2.4 Do I have to notify the Authority of changes to my AFM? 9 2.5 When is an AFM supplement required? 9 2.6 How do I know if AFM amendments or supplements are approved data? 10 3. Transition arrangements 11 3.1 What if I already have an AFM approved under the former regulation 138 of CAR 1988? 11 3.2 Transition arrangements for AFMs produced by the Authority and its predecessors known as “Civil Mark 1” and “Civil Mark 2” type flight manuals 12 3.3 Transition arrangements for all other AFMs 13 3.4 Delay in obtaining the AFM 13 3.5 Notification to the Authority 14 4. Detail information 4.1 Must the AFM or placards be in English? 14 4.2 Where are supplements to be located if an AFM is not required? 14 4.3 How do I find out what AFM or placards my aircraft should have? 14 4.4 What if an AFM is required for an old aircraft but cannot be found? 15 4.5 What units of measurement are required? 16 4.5A For Australian manufactured aircraft 16 4.5B For imported aircraft 16 4.6 Are airspeeds to be quoted in IAS or CAS?
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54_1 - CAAP 54-1(2) Civil Aviation Advisory Publication...

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