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CASA/AA MOU. AIRWAYS–1(0) Guidelines for the preparation of safety cases covering airways systems The relevant regulations and other references This Advisory Circular should be read in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority document “Safety Regulation of Airservices Australia and Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Providers - Final Draft Regulatory Arrangements and Standards - April 1996”. That document is available on request from CASA at the address at the foot of this page. Who this Advisory Circular applies to This Advisory Circular applies to all airways service providers. Why this publication was written The Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s regulatory standards covering the safety management of airways services call for airways service providers to have processes in place to assess the safety implications and safety hazards involved in their operations, and to determine the action necessary to reduce the risks of those hazards to acceptable levels. This Advisory Circular provides guidelines for service providers to comply with that requirement. Status of this Advisory Circular This is the first issue of CASA/AA MOU. AIRWAYS - 1(0). It remains current until re-issued, withdrawn or superseded. For further information Further information is available from the Airways and Airspace Standards Branch of CASA. The address details are as follows: Post: Airways and Airspace Standards Branch Civil Aviation Safety Authority GPO Box 2005 CANBERRA ACT 2601 Telephone: 131757 FAX: 02 62171700 CASA Advisory Circular February 1998 This publication is only advisory. It gives one method for complying with standards and requirements applicable to the provision of air traffic services, currently carried out by Airservices Australia. Contents . .. Definitions 2 Introduction 3 CASA requirements for a safety management system 3 Airways systems requiring a Safety Case 4 Safety planning 4 Purpose and scope of the Safety Case 5 Safety objectives and safety requirements 6 Risk management 7 Safety Case coverage over the lifecycle of the airways system 10 Authority for issue and change of the Safety Case 10 Audits of Safety Cases 11 References 12 Appendices 13
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2 CASA/AA MOU. Airways-1(0) — Guidelines for the preparation of safety cases covering airways systems Airways service An air traffic service, aeronautical information service, search and rescue service, aeronautical radio navigation service, aeronautical telecommunications service, or rescue and fire fighting service. Airways service provider An organisation or person providing an airways service. Airways system Facilities, equipment, personnel and procedures, which, in combination, provide an airways service. (Airways systems also encompass airspace systems used for air traffic services.) Availability The probability that a system will be able to perform its intended function when required for use. Failure
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airway_1 - CASA/AA MOU. AIRWAYS1(0) Guidelines for the...

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