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Unformatted text preview: Charotar Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. Opposite Amul Dairy, Civil Court Road, Post Box No.65, ANAND 388 001 India Telephone: (02692) 256237, Fax: (02692) 240089, e-mail:, Website: Back About the book CoNteNt APPLIED MECHANICS [ INCLUDING VECTOR APPROACH ] By Dr. H.J. Shah & S.B.Junnarkar Edition : 17 th Revised and Enlarged Edition : 2010 ISBN : 978 - 93 - 80358 - 03 - 1 Size : 170 mm × 240 mm Binding : Paperback with 4 Color Jacket Cover Pages : 816 + 16 ` 300.00 In this text-book, the approach is to study systematically the laws of Mechanics and their application to engineering problems. The outline of the book is: Chapters 1 and 2 discuss Introduction of Mechanics; Fundamental Concepts and Principles; Scalars, Vectors and Tensors; SI Units, Vector Algebra, etc. Chapters 3 to 10 consist the study of Mechanics of Rigid Bodies: Fundamental sofStatics, Forcesand Forcesystems suchas coplanar concurrent force systems; Moments; Parallel Forces andCouples; Spatial forces; Reactions etc. Chapter 11 deals in Properties of Lines, Areas and Solids. Chapters 12 to 13 discuss application of the connected bodies viz., trusses, frames and mechanisms. Chapter 14 gives problems of statics in Graphics Statics. Chapters 15 to 16 Moments of Inertia of Areas and Masses; Friction respectively. Chapters 17 to 21 include the study of Dynamics and Kinematics such as — the motion of the particles, etc. Chapters 22 to 29 deal with topics on Kinetics of Particles such as Laws of Motion; Work and Energy; Impulse and Momentum. Special Topics such as Central Force Motion and Collisions; Kinetics of Systems of Particles, Kinetics of Rigid Bodies; Motion of Vehicles are also covered. Chapters 30 to 38 deal with topics such as Balancing and Rotating Masses; Virtual Work; The Catenary; Belt and Rope Drive; Toothed Gearing; Lifting Machine; Mechanical Vibration; Hydrostatics and Impact of Jets. This book is now contains : * 904 Neatly drawn fgures * 56 Useful tables * 453 Solved examples * 670 Unsolved examples at the end of chapters. It is hoped that this edition should prove extremely useful to students of Engineering reading for Degree Examinations of all the Universities of India, Diploma Examinations conducted by various Boards oF Technical Education, Certifcate Courses, as well as For the U.P.S.C., G.A.T.E., A.M.I.E., I.E.S. and other similar competitive and professional Examinations. It should also prove of great interest and practical use to the practising engineers. 1 : INTRODUCTION 2 : VECTORS 3 : COPLANAR CONCURRENT FORCES 4 : MOMENTS 5 : PARALLEL FORCES AND COUPLES 6 : RESULTANT OF COPLANAR FORCE SYSTEMS 7 : SPATIAL FORCES 8 : EQUILIBRIUM OF COPLANAR FORCE SYSTEMS 9 : REACTIONS 10 : EQUILIBRIUM OF SPATIAL FORCE SYSTEMS 11 : PROPERTIES OF LINES, AREAS AND SOLIDS 12 : TRUSSES 13 : FRAMES AND MECHANISMS 14 : GRAPHIC STATICS 15 : MOMENTS OF INERTIA 16 : FRICTION 17 : RECTILINEAR MOTION OF A PARTICLE 18 : MOTION UNDER VARIABLE ACCELERATION...
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Applied Mechanic - Charotar Publishing House Pvt. Ltd....

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