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MANAGING SAFETY IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION FROM THE CLIENT’S PERSPECTIVE 2. 8 Instituto das Estradas de Portugal (Portuguese Road Institute) Praça da Portagem, 2804-534 Almada Portugal Tel.: (351- 21) 294 76 75 Issue Development and implementation of a worker safety management system for new road construction projects. Problem Road construction is a potentially hazardous occupation involving different phases and parties. An analysis of accident records showed that the main hazards included falls and being hit by objects, with most accidents occurring in the morning and mainly on viaducts and bridges. A system was needed that ensured effective health and safety coordination of contractors during road construction while at the same time covering project planning and construction work. In particular it was essential that this system: • provide a common safety framework for all parties involved in a road construction project; European Agency for Safety and Health at Work 41 Bridge under construction
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• systematically establish the health and safety obligations and responsibilities of each party; • require contractors to have health and safety systems in place that comply with IEPs own management system; • incorporate an effective monitoring system; • promote a safety culture within the organisation and with contractors; • be integrated with other management activities such as quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. Building in Safety - Prevention of risks in construction - in practice
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bouw2_8 - European Agency 2.8 for Safety and Health at Work...

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