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collection-and-disposal-2-printed - Summary Collection and...

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Collection and Disposal Prepared by Angela E. Rodrigo Summary Quantities of MSW generated Moisture content of MSW Common densities of MSW Collection method Disposal method Leachate percolation Quantities of MSW Generated Three (3) techniques of estimation: 1. Input Analysis 2. Secondary data analysis 3. Output analysis Secondary Data Analysis W = 0.01795S – 0.00376F – 0.00322D + 0.0071P – 0.0002I + 44.7 Where W – waste generated (tons) S – number of stops made by MSW pickup truck F – number of families served D – number of single family dwellings P – population I – adjusted income per dwelling unit Moisture Content of MSW Moisture content may vary between 15% - 30%, and is usually about 20%. M= (w-d)/w x 100% Where: M – moisture content, percent w – initial, wet weight of sample d – final, dry weight of sample Common densities of MSW
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Collection Method of MSW Solid waste collection by trucks (garbage truck or dump truck) Garbage grinders
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collection-and-disposal-2-printed - Summary Collection and...

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