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33 ENGINEERING MECHANICS TH-2 Exam- 3 Hours Periods per week- 06 End Exam-80 marks Total Periods- 90 I.A. - 20 Topic wise distribution of periods Sl No. Topic Periods 1. Force and moments 18 2. Center of Gravity and Moment of Inertia 15 3. Friction 15 4. Gear drive 06 5. Lifting machines 06 6. Simple stress and strain 08 7. Dynamics 22 Total 90 OBJECTIVES: On completion of the subject a student will be able to 1. Compute the force & moment and their application on solution of simple problems on co-planar forces. 2. Locate the C.G and M.I. of geometrical figures. 3. Find the existence of the friction and its application on solution of problems. 4. Explain the gear drive terminologies. 5. Explain the application of simple lifting machine. 6. Comprehend the behavior of the materials under different types of simple stress and strain. 7. Find out the behavior of the particle in motion under the application of forces.
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34 Course Content 1.0 FORCE AND MOMENTS 1.1 Define force and its effects 1.2 Classification of forces, Principle of Transmissibility, Principle of Superposition, Action and Reaction, Tension and Compression, Free Body Diagram 1.3 Co-planar concurrent forces 1.3.1 Define resultant of forces, equilibrium of forces and equilibrant. 1.3.2 State parallelogram law of forces and determine the resultant of two concurrent forces 1.3.3 Solve problems using the parallelogram law of forces 1.3.4 State components and resolve parts of a force 1.3.5 State principle of resolution of a force and any number of forces,
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