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Page 1 Discussion This lab exercise is designed to apply the techniques of differential leveling to determining elevation differences between assigned points, and completing and adjusting a level circuit. The Topcon Laser Levels will be used as the level. Because this is the second lab, it is a bit more involved than the previous lab, so take your time, take neat and careful field notes, work as a team, and think ! Teams will consist of 3-5 individuals as assigned by the instructor or teaching assistant. Objectives 1. Gain proficiency in the use of rotating beam laser levels. 2. Prepare correct differential leveling field notes. 3. Follow the basic rules of differential leveling: a. Balance the length of BS and FS distances. b. Check the level before and after each observation. c. Check rod level (using bubble) often. d. Use firm turning points. e. Perform page check to detect math errors. f. Compute “error of closure” and adjust elevations appropriately. 4. Learn the importance of teamwork and prior planning. Equipment ± Field notebook, pencil, calculator, and straight edge for sketching ± 1 tape ± 1 rotating beam laser level ± 1 level rod with laser detector “eye” and leveling bubble ± metal spikes or wooden stakes for turning points ± sledge hammer for installing turning points Lab Exercise Instructions We have placed a series of stakes along a slope. Each team will be required to run a level circuit
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