LAND USE GUIDELINES Handout - Airport Land Use Guidelines...

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Airport Land Use Guidelines 1 IDAHO AIRPORT LAND USE GUIDELINES AIRPORT WORKSHOP - IAMA 2009 SPRING CONFERENCE - McCALL, IDAHO What are the main airport land use compatibility issues? Incompatible land uses can threaten and limit airport operations 1. Development pressures (encroachment upon airports) – Can obstruct the future expansion and development of the airport 2. Conversion of open space/greenfields May be the most compatible uses near airports (Golf courses, parks, open land, etc) 3. Noise complaints – Nearby residents or operations are impacted by noise levels of overhead airplanes 4. Growing problem nationally – Land use encroachment and incompatibility needs to be tackled at the local level 5. Multi-jurisdictional problem – Cooperation is key for functional outcomes Audience - Who will the guidelines target? 1. Smaller GA airports 2. Local Planning and Zoning Commissions What is the purpose of airport land use planning? 1. Improved safety of airport operations and nearby residents 2. Encourage capital investment in airports – Outlook for operations must be feasible 3. Future economic benefits - tourism, recreation, airport expansion, etc 4. Vital emergency services regional access – Regional access to limited areas 5. Quality of life for residents – Less noise impacts equal less complaints and smoother operations What areas need to be protected? 1. Airport Influence Areas; Runway Protection Zones; Critical Zones – Areas within direct influence of airport operations What are some of the ways to protect airports? 1.
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LAND USE GUIDELINES Handout - Airport Land Use Guidelines...

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